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Shrimp Wonton Ramen with Yu Choi

Handwrapped shrimp wonton served with yu choy, a traditional chinese vegetable, with Japanese-style ramen.


Our shrimp is freshly supplied from our farms. We emphasize the use of no antibiotics and practicing environmentally friendly farming. Our Soup is flavorful, aromatic, and easy to make.

From our roots in Asia, we strive to bring you the freshest possible experience with genuine regional cuisines. Our chinese-style wonton soup features flash frozen whole white shrimp and are individually wrapped in a delicate wonton, and paired with fresh noodles and a chinese-style broth.

Shrimp Wonton Soup

Raw Wontons

In addition to our wonton soups, we also offer shrimp wontons. Our gourmet shrimp wontons are wrapped whole shrimp, and come in varying sizes. Our product quality is of the highest standard. We strive to provide quality products at the lowest possible cost.

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