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Who We Are

Quality food products that you can count on

Our Commitment

As part of Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) we are fully committed to producing food products that achieve sustainable growth in an environmentally responsible manner.

We aim to be ‘The Kitchen of the World’ by supplying high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients and finished products to our customers.

CPF was selected to join Dow Jones Sustainability Index (Emerging Markets) 2015, reflecting a strong commitment to sustainable business practices.

Since 2013, CPF has implemented a CSR and sustainability strategy based on the 3 pillars:

(1) Food Security

(2) Self-sufficient Society

(3) Balance of Nature

These pillars exist in order to drive growth, excellence, and strong results. This sustainability strategy also reflects the Company’s 3 Benefits Principle: to benefit the countries where we operate, our staff, and our Company.

To find out more about CPF’s general sustainability policies please visit

We are a global business working with leading restaurant chains, food wholesalers and distributors, to supply excellent quality shrimp, shrimp products, and ready-made Asian-style food products.​C.P. Foods USA is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality shrimp, wonton, chicken, and pork products available on the market. In business since 1992, our mission is to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction through reliability and traceability. We promote sustainability in all that we do, from aquaculture to processing.


Our Vision

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